I just have say....thank you!!! I feel like I'm already standing taller and feel so much better! Thank you for seeing me today! You are magic...’

 -  Jen McGrath  

I have worked with Michelle now for several months and I could not be happier with my progress. My legs are toned, my waist is slimmer and my posture is much improved. Michelle is very knowledgeable and works with me to give me the best workout for me. She is also fun and friendly and very easy to be around. I feel fabulous after each workout, strong and flexible at the same time. 

- Ann McCowan

I started working with Michelle about 3 months ago. In that time I have lost 22 lbs total & dropped 4 pant sizes and I feel awesome. Her attention to detail & pushing you just a little farther has helped me want to challenge myself more. With these kinds of results I strongly recommend Michelle.

-James Dumont (actor - Law and Order True Crime, Deepwater Horizon, Dallas Buyers Club)

OK, so first a confession - I have always hated exercise. I find it tedious, boring and exhausting. I have chronic health issues and major weakness in my left leg which makes walking difficult at times. It had been two years of illness and no exercise before I started with Michelle.

Now the amazing part, I'm truly loving my workouts with Michelle! It's truly enjoyable and I leave my sessions with more energy, not less. It only took about 5 sessions before my left leg began to even out with my right. I realized that I used to calculate the shortest route through the grocery store! My health is improving, my body is getting stronger every session and I actually look forward to my workouts. That's one incredible turnaround!

- Michelle Zande

I have been doing Pilates with Michelle for about a year now. She is a wonderful instructor who demonstrates each of the exercises while thoroughly explaining everything as we progress through the workout. The workout space is very relaxing, and the equipment is first-rate. I would recommend Michelle to anyone interested in Pilates -from beginners to more experienced people! 

- Andrea Wolfe

I started Pilates about two months ago after having lower back surgery in November 2010. I had just finished my physical therapy and was recommended Pilates to continue gaining core strength and movement in my body.  Michelle has been extremely versatile in her choices of exercises to ensure that I obtain maximum benefits from each work out. She is very knowledgeable and listens to her clients. I have regained a lot of core strength and feel very toned and strong. I am able to achieve movements I never thought possible.  Thank you Michelle! 

- Jessica S.