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Pilates is an exercise system based on springs, not weights. Weights work your body from the outside, leaving a bulky aesthetic. Pilates, on the other hand, works from the inside out. The results are that you become long, lean, toned and firm.

Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks and feels by focusing on stretching and building strength with resistance from the springs. It is excellent for developing a strong "core" or center of the body, and it develops an evenly conditioned body. It elongates and strengthens muscles creating elasticity and joint mobility. No other exercise system is so gentle to your body while giving it a challenging workout with incredible results.


In fact, Joseph Pilates created Pilates while in the war to heal wounded soldiers. He originally named it Contrology; many don't realize that it was created by a man for men. When he migrated to NYC, it took hold with the Martha Graham and George Ballanchine dance companies. From there, word spread and Pilates is now practiced by millions of people throughout the world.

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