Michelle is a highly experienced teacher, having been involved in the Pilates Community for over 12 years, from New York to Los Angeles, to a few years in New Orleans and now in Atlanta.  While in school in New York, she practiced yoga regularly and was heavily involved in mind/body healing through breath work and it was during this time she suffered a terrible back injury and was healed through Pilates.  In Pilates, she found a way that incorporated everything she believed in about physical and emotional health.

Shortly after that, for four years, she worked and trained at Drago’s Gym, the studio that Joseph Pilates owned until his death, and this became the basis of her teaching.  It was an amazing experience, because for many years Drago’s was considered to be the world’s ‘center’ of Pilates, largely because the world renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska, was based there. It was during these four years at Drago’s that she cultivated her in-depth knowledge of Pilates.  She then combined that with continued education, which cemented her Pilates expertise.  

She then headed out west and for 6 years owned and operated her own Pilates business in Beverly Hills, California. Simultaneously, she worked at some of the top Pilates studios in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, as well as working with rehab clients for physical therapists and chiropractors.

Michelle is proud to say that many of her clients have experienced great changes in their body rather quickly, while working out with her.  Whether it be losing inches, healing back problems, or strengthening a weak core, Michelle’s focus and dedication to her client’s goals provide results in a short period of time.